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productsThe Facts Are In: Liquid Raspberry Ketone Helps You Lose Weight


“Very healthy. No side effects. They [raspberry ketones] help your body burn fat. They slice it up in the cells so it burns fat easier”

– Lisa Lynn, Weight Loss Expert on Doctor Oz

What Is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketones are compounds found in red raspberries as well as in blackberries and cranberries. Before it became a big breakthrough in the world of weight loss, raspberry ketones were used in the cosmetic and food industry. When intensive studies regarding the product were conducted, it was found that it has significant effects on metabolism.

Studies have also shown that raspberry ketones can improve digestion and promote the elimination of toxins that affects your metabolism. Since toxins can be found in most foods sold these days, it is important to take products which can effectively eliminate these toxins.

Aside from faster absorption (98% compared to only 3%-20% absorption with pills or capsules), our liquid raspberry ketones formula is more potent than tablet or capsule formulations. When the tablets or capsules of raspberry ketones are taken, they travel to the stomach where gastric acids burn some of the compounds. This decreases the efficiency of the product. Liquid raspberry ketones, however, are readily absorbed under the tongue and bypass the stomach.

Along with proper diet and exercise, liquid raspberry ketones is a great addition to help you burn fat, prevent additional weight gain, while experiencing a boost in energy and less of an appetite. Get on the track to better heath and wellness and start using Feeling10’s Liquid Raspberry Ketones today.